Testimonials - what my patients say:

I have been visiting Caroline for 4 months now and I am now migraine/headaches free for the first time in many years!! I started off on weekly sessions then fortnightly, then monthly and now just 6/8 weeks and have never had a migraine/headache since my first visit!! Caroline is amazing at what she does, I have changed my diet for the better thanks to Caroline and feel fantastic!! Loads of energy and feel like a new person. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone for advice or treatment, she has changed my life completely!!

Elaine Rawson, Wakefield

Success stories. sarahDigestive Issues
For many years I have suffered with digestive problems. I had never considered acupuncture because I was unaware of the wide-ranging therapeutic benefits. Having tried and persevered with acupuncture, my digestive problems are now better and my general physical and psychological well-being are better than ever before. For the first time in over 20 years I no longer need to take prescribed medication from my GP and I feel in control of my body and my health.

Caroline demonstrates her professionalism with kindness and calm confidence and I would recommend both Caroline and acupuncture in an instant. I now feel confident in managing my health in a natural, holistic way that I never thought possible before.

Sarah Parker, Castleford

Success stories. clareMigraines
I had been having migraines for around 10 years and these left me bed ridden and nauseous for around 3 days. Over time the frequency increased until I was having one a week, usually starting on a Friday and so ruining my weekends. I had tried many prescribed medicines and nasal sprays, none of which were effective at preventing the migraines and I felt as if they were taking over my life. After a lot of research into suitable complementary therapies, I decided that acupuncture looked to be the most suitable.

Following an initial consultation, my acupuncturist was confident she could reduce both the frequency and severity of my migraines. After around 3 sessions a week apart, I started to notice the difference and this was helped further by changes that my therapist recommended that I made to my diet. Three years on and I haven’t looked back, I now get a migraine about every three months but it is not as debilitating as before and lasts around half the time.

As well as relieving me of my migraines, I found the treatments to be incredibly relaxing. After being left for around 20 minutes with needles hanging out of my feet, arms and legs (and strangely enough only one in my head!) I felt like I had woken up from 7 or 8 hours quality sleep. I also love the fact that the treatment is so holistic and, as a warm person who needs to have heat drawn out of me, my therapist has addressed this and the benefit is I no longer suffer from prickly heat when on holiday

I can tell my acupuncturist anything in confidence. I can be unsure if something I have experienced is linked to my treatment and so tell her and we discuss whether it may be linked. In addition, I like to know what points are being used and why and she always takes the time to explain this to me. The treatment room is very quiet and soothing and the background music just allows you to drift off.

If you feel like you are at your wits end and have tried all conventional medicines going, then give acupuncture a try.

It really has changed my life, I have gone from not being able to plan anything over a weekend in case I was bed ridden to living an active and happy life again

Clare Maidment, Leeds

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